Hodag statue “Call to Artists”

Call to Artists
Welcome to Hodags On Parade 2015!

What is Hodags on Parade?

2015 is the seventh year of Hodags on Parade!
It’s the largest and friendliest outdoor public art event in the Northwoods. One, larger-than-life, three dimensional, fiberglass Hodag sculptures and five “mini” (half the size of the large)– painted, decorated, embellished and festooned by area leading artists – will stand on street corners and in key downtown locations to greet everyone who passes by.

How does it work?

The cost of the Hodags are underwritten by a program sponsors; that is, a business, individual, civic, or other not-for-profit organization. An artist – whose design concept has been reviewed by the Hodags on Parade Team– is given a “white Hodag” as his or her canvas. In late May or early June the herd of Hodags will debut in downtown Rhinelander. During the summer, the Hodags will be displayed in visible locations in the downtown Rhinelander for all to enjoy. In the fall the Hodags go to auction. Proceeds go to our downtown Rhinelander revitalization efforts.

A Great Cause
This traffic-building event provides recognition for the artists, and brings public awareness to Downtown Rhinelander’s projects. Through our Main Street Program and the work of over 150 volunteers, we hope to ignite the enthusiasm to enliven downtown – to make it a place to shop, play, dine stay, (and to live) – a destination!! The funds raised during this event will help Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. fulfill its mission and continue to strengthen the Rhinelander community through historic preservation and economic development.

Artist submit design concepts DEADLINE – APRIL 10, 2015
Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. will be accepting design concept applications from amateur and professional artists between now and April 10, 2015. Artists will be notified of the selections by mid-late April.

Artist Compensation and Understandings

Artists will be paid a stipend for materials ($60 for the mini’s - $150 for the large). Costs incurred over this amount should be considered a donation to the Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. project. In addition, artists will be paid 10% of the auction sale price for their art piece. Artists will be recognized all summer long with in various printed materials, media events, on our website and at the auction. More than one design concept may be submitted. Artists who are selected will be asked to sign an Artist Agreement.

Community Exhibit

The Hodag art pieces will be placed on display in outdoor locations for public viewing/interaction throughout the summer. A promotional piece with the artists and program sponsors will also be in the literature, articles, etc.

The Canvas/Molds
All of the art pieces represent our beloved mascot “The Hodag”. Artists are invited to embellish the basic fiberglass mold. They can paint, sculpt, transform, or adorn the art piece to complete their design, but the structural integrity of the art piece must remain intact. See guidelines for further instructions. The art pieces are the property of Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. until the final auction when they will become property of the highest bidder.

Fiberglass Hodags
The Large Hodag is approximately 7’ long and ranges from 5’5” to 6’ tall and weighs approximately 100-120 pounds. The Mini Hodags are approximately 3’ long and 29” tall. They are made of fiberglass which is approximately ¼” thick with the inside being hollow. They are coated with an epoxy primer by the fabricator that allows for immediate work to begin on the fiberglass. The fabricator, David Oswald states any type of paint, ie: acrylic, latex, etc. will adhere, however, he does not recommend water colors as they are not as durable. Do not use permanent marker – as it bleeds with the sealing. Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. will contract with a local auto body shop to have all of the art pieces sealed before they will be displayed. The artist is not responsible for the sealing.

Please contact the DRI Office when the Hodag is completed for further instructions as to the delivery location and date. PLEASE have the Hodag finished by NO LATER than the deadline date MAY 15, 2015.
The cost for the sealing will not come out of the artists’ stipend. However the pieces MUST be delivered on the date noted, or the artist will be responsible for the cost. In addition, the sealer will need samples/names of all of the paints used on your piece, and the auto sealer will need special instructions for anything other than paint, which will be covered in the Artist’s Agreement. Remember, no permanent marker.

Note to Artists
Hodags on Parade is a fundraiser for Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. Successfully selling the art pieces is not only in Downtown Rhinelander’s best interest, but also the artist’s. Pieces that sell the best are typically those that can be easily placed in an outdoor location with minimal maintenance. Please keep this in mind when creating your piece.

Let your imagination go wild! We’re looking for fun and diverse ideas. Several communities have had outdoor art displays like this and you might want to research what others have created. Thank you!